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Castaway (Live wallpaper)

1.96 usd

A beautiful tropical island with rippling water, coconut palm tree and a stranded man. The stranded man occupies his time with various activities on your phone.Features:- A stranded man on an island.- The sun and moon will set and rise depending on the time.- Beautiful and funny background.- Landscape and portrait support.
Before downloading, please check if your phone support Live wallpaper.
If anyone remember Johnny castaway this wallpaper is similar but unique in its own way.
If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions for the wallpaper, please do not hesitate to contact me by mail.
********** Version 3.0 ****************Updated libgdx engine 0.9.2 -> 0.9.8Added 3 new animations.Added a few new entities.More updates to come very soon...
********** Version 3.1 ****************Added 1 new animation and 3 dreamanimationAdded a new fish :)Fixed some bugs
********** Version 3.2 ****************Changed how textures/images are handled in the app.(Hopefully this will fix the white moving boxes problem)
********** Version 3.3 ****************Added new fishing animationAdded new dreamAdded new app logo
********** Version 3.4 ****************Added seagullsUpdated dream animationUpdated telescope animationAdded giant shark animation :D
********** Version 3.5 ****************Updated fish logicFixed graphic bugs
********** Version 3.6 ****************Added new octopus animation